Grow New Profits With Factoring / Invoice Discounting


Are you in a stale mate? Are you watching opposition growing, and your not sure how?

To often businesses have been neglected to be told about Factoring, Debtor Finance, or Invoice Discounting. These products help businesses use their own Cashflow to help speed up growth in their business.

You debtors always take a period of time to pay their invoices. You are not a bank, except you lend to your debtors for 0-60 days in many cases. Debtor Finance gives business owners the ability to get paid a percentage of those invoices in hours not days or weeks. This percentage allows owners to purchase more, get cash moving and free up workers to get more jobs done.

Grow New Profits With Factoring / Invoice Discounting
Grow New Profits With Factoring / Invoice Discounting

Careful these lenders don’t chase the invoices, and they have a cost to do this service. So its important that you understand those costs. You need to protect your bottom line. Also utilise a strategy to absorb those costs, and reach your goals.

Often when a business becomes stressed they look to alternative funding arrangements. Overdrafts, refinances, Line of Credit, and getting stung huge penalty fees in order to survive. Banks have always spoke of their products before offering Factoring or Invoice Discounting. As it is simple to understand, they get access to more of a businesses assets and more importantly director assets.

Factoring & Invoice Discounting may cost a little more, but as a business owner it is rare for you to give up a property asset. These facilities are secured against your debtors. As a result this is where the common name Debtor Finance is used.


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) is a consultancy firm dedicated in finding you the right lender and factoring product with one call. TDFC consultants are very experienced with operations, setup, monitoring, problem solving, and running of these systems. In using TDFC you will get a dedicated consultant for the life of the facility. TDFC give no nonsense answers and explanations. TDFC also offers a trade Finance product with debtor finance solutions.

In conclusion for more information regards TDFC or the different products go to  ( or call a friendly TDFC consultant today 1300 00 8332.

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