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Introduction to Invoice Discounting

Invoice funding or Discounting is normally a bank product and not to be mistaken with Factoring. It is widely used in more established businesses that have a collection department, or administrative section. Businesses also have no need for a financier to collect invoices on their behalf. Business owners don’t need all invoices funded and often use it as an overdraft system for purchases of stock, or wages.

Price: Range between 0.5-3% per Invoice plus interest until paid.


How does Invoice Discounting work?

  • Discounting lets you draw up to 80% of your invoices when required. It also gives you the ability to predetermine how much you want to draw down, limiting interest costs.
  • Once the debtors pay for invoices, the financier releases the final 20% less fees the next day into your bank. In most cases financiers have an almost paperless procedure with a very simple online system.

Banks often make this facility undisclosed to the debtors. Well maintained facilities ensure only you and lender are informed of the facility. If  Discounting of invoices is what your business needs for cash flow, contact TDFC and let a consultant discuss with you, pricing and lenders to suit your needs.

Access Cashflow and fund growth with Invoice Discounting.
Access Cashflow and fund growth with Invoice Discounting.

Why choose Invoice Discounting?

  • Up to 80% advance on invoices .
  • No automatic payments if required. You can draw up to 80% when you need it.
  • Product fees are cheaper
  • Credit searches and debtor checks
  • Minimal account management
  • Departments in your business handle collections
  • Normally online, easy to use systems.
  • Almost paperless systems.

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