Common questions about Factoring:

What is Invoice funding?

When businesses have invoices outstanding, most businesses are in desperate need of cash flow. Debtor Finance could be the business solution! When there is cash being locked up in unpaid invoice’s, paying Creditors can become increasingly difficult. Waiting for your customers to pay in order to grow your business, is a problem of the past.

Using Invoice discounting, a business could have up to 85% of approved invoices advanced to you within hours. When your customers pay the invoice the remaining 15% is still given to you less the fees of the agreed lender.  That’s why more and more businesses are seeking consultancy from Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

What are the benefits of Invoice Finance?

  • Increase your business cash flow with up to 85% of what you are owed paid to you in 24 hours
  • As your business grows the facility chosen grows with it
  • No real estate security required
  • Grow your business purchasing power with increased cash flow
  • Have 24/7 access to your accounts via online client portals

Who can use Factoring?

There are many types of industries out there in the world. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has experience explaining this finance products to most of them. 1. Wholesaler. 2. Manufacturer. 3. Retailer. 4. Transport. 5. Agribusiness. 6. Importers or exporters. 7. Accountants and bookkeepers. 8. Cleaners. 9. Labour Hire. 10. Construction. 11. Traffic control and many more.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has provided solutions for businesses all across Australia. If your business has invoices from debtors who are taking long lengths of time to pay? Then contact our firm today to find out how debtor finance can help you.

How does Trade Debtor Finance Consultants assist with setting up a facility?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) is a family owned business that started in 2009. TDFC was created out of a need for debtor finance specialists.

Previously our consultants worked for large debtor financiers. Only selling their lender products. In most cases they couldn’t offer variety. Most Businesses  may have received a better deal if they browsed other products and lenders  available. Different lenders in the market who could help big companies, medium, small businesses.

When TDFC started, lenders had to be more competitive and improve their service to its clients. TDFC prides itself on finding the right products at the right prices. It is important business owners understand what are the risks, charges and benefits of using this kind of finance.

Factoring saves money, time and receive great service
Factoring saves money, time and receive great service