Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No

The simple answer is yes Factoring does effect your collections. However, most of them are hoping that they don’t pay on time, and they can make additional fees.

Factoring, does it help with collections

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Factoring, does it help with collections is a common question. Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting are not all the same product. So how can the collections on these facilities be the same.

The simple answer is “yes”, Factoring does effect your collections. As a result having a as a third party can make debtors pay more regularly. This is most effective if you as the client have explained the process to them. Most Noteworthy is the longer your invoices take to be paid, the more its costing you.

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Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No
Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No

With nearly 45 factoring lenders in the industry, each has a different collection strategy. This will depend on your size, your exposure, and of course the type of facility you have. If you have a facility where there is a daily interest added to your fee, then it would be reasonable to assume, the level of collection would be lower than a firm with a set fee.

Will Banks Help you with collections.

Bank products often do no collections as they are a confidential product, allowing the client to maintain all those procedures as the bank has access to the trading account to monitor. Smaller lenders don’t have that luxury and whether its disclosed or not, the client has to maintain constant checks to ensure that their accounts are up to date and their not incurring added interest or late fees.

Disclosed lenders, often put out statements, and will verify a percentage of the invoices, this acts as deterrent in most cases for the slack paying clients. Also seeing a financial firm on the bottom of the invoice, often makes clients avoid any nasty stuff come pay day.

However, conflict will often start if the debtor goes beyond terms, and its a large piece of your ledger. Factoring firms, will put other invoices on hold. As a result assist in heavy collection calls to avoid there being a bad debt. So please stay on top of your accounts when factoring.

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