Debtor Finance FAQ’s



Debtor Finance FAQ’s

Time to Learn about Debtor Finance FAQ's
Time to Learn about Debtor Finance FAQ’s


1. How much does Factoring cost and what is my interest rate?

2. How much is it to setup a factoring facility and how long does it take?

3. What percentage do you advance and when do I get the balance?

4. What are your break fees if I want to leave early?

5. What is my contract term?

6. Does the Factoring firm contact my debtors, or do I maintain the collection of monies?

7. What is the main difference between each factoring company?

8. Is the factoring system online and easy to understand? Ask for a brief explanation.

9. Do we need Real Estate Security to get a factoring facility?

10. What happens if the debtor doesn’t pay and goes into Administration?

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