Confidential Factoring

This product is widely used in Construction and industries that work on a progress and retention payment system”

Confidential Discounting / Factoring when backed via Real Estate is a very versatile product.

For example you normally can factor at least half of what equity you have in your property or cash assets.

This gives you the ability to factor what invoices you want to fund, as long as it is with approved debtors.

Instead of offering your whole ledger costs will far less by selective invoice finance.

You also have a silent account which means debtors are not harassed for payments or have knowledge of your finance arrangement.

With Real Estate backing you can have more flexibility in accounts like one debtor, or debtors that have a few issues.

This product is widely used in Construction.

If Confidential Factoring/ Invoice Discounting suits your needs, then contact TDFC and a consultant will discuss the lender and facility with you.

  • Selective with invoices you put in
  • Debtors don’t know what you’re doing
  • Facility limits are very flexible
  • Experienced staff shadow verifying contracts and payments
  • Risk is higher for lenders so price is normally higher than disclosed factoring
  • (No lock in contracts)

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