Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business. Ensuring that brand new businesses survive after 12 months is the ultimate challenge. Often the struggle begins when cash assets begin to dry up as your idea grows. For the first two years business owners need to establish financials in order to ascertain banking products. The only exception is if there are bricks and mortar assets supplied by the owners. Using these assets involves using your personal assets to keep your business operating.

Why use your families assets to ascertain cashflow?

Once you involve your families assets, the stress you need to ensure the business is successful can be over whelming. Most finance products need security of sort. In most cases the less you pay, the more security is required to ascertain the product.

This is why you choose Factoring or Debtor Finance earlier.

Often in new business start ups, there is less than 10 employees operating the business. Focus is often on purchasing and sales. Faster the turn around, the more profits are made. Business owners mark success by profit in most cases. Size and quantity of sales is often the markers for owners to gauge success. Some owners jump on this opportunity and hire more staff to complete the rise in demand. Often in the need for more sales and or clients, terms of clients starts to push out. 14 days, moves to 30. 30 days becomes 60 or more. Business owners cashflow starts to dry up. Debtors ledgers grow, and sales have to slow down as stocks diminish. Newly appointed staff start to be less effective as work comes to a stand still. Then when client pay the new sales are raced out, for the cycle to begin again.

Factoring - Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.
Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

How can you fix this?

Credit limits, strict terms adhered too, and collection procedures are a firm start. However in today market, most new owners don’t fully understand the fundamentals of working smarter. For example if your product is purchased and sold to a client. Your margins are dictated when the client pays for their goods. Often its worked by a 30 day payment.

If the client extends terms then owners cost go up rapidly. This is a brief explanation how. Staff have to make extra calls. Send letters and document their progress. Owners have to either put future sales on hold, or space them out to ensure products are still moving. Finally borrow monies to improve their cash flow while waiting for the debtor to pay. Either way if a client takes 60 days or longer to pay for goods, then your offering the product as cost or at a loss. This is not always the case in every business, but a common fault in most.

Factoring – Debtor Finance – Invoice Discounting.

You will notice I didn’t just jump in and state look at these products as they will be you shinning light. Its because often these products are expected to save the failings of a new business. In my experience opinion this is not always going to happen.

Factoring of your clients, is basically putting all your outstanding and future invoices into a finance company for funding. These factoring companies will verify the work is completed and offer a percentage of those invoices to your firm for your cashflow. When you debtors pay. Your debt is cleared off with balances given back to your firm less fees. its an overdraft on your invoices, secured by your clients. Seems simple, well its not. It can be complicated and expensive if not used correctly. Its why our family owned business has been so successful placing clients.

Factoring - Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.
Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Why to use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

These products have been used in a wide way of uses. Some lenders will let you offer up most of your ledger. For example imagine if you only fund you slower paying debtors. Or you can just fund a larger lender only. These products were designed to help your business, not send you broke. Fees and charges often are determined by the length of time the debtors take to pay and the amount of invoice you have.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are a family owned business in Queensland offering an obligation free, written quote to your firm at no direct cost. Our firm has Debtor Finance lenders Australia wide and liaises with their staff to ensure your business ascertains the best advices. Consultants will assist in helping arrange, setup, and ensure if required assistance for the life of the loan. Again this is our promise to new business.

If you would like to know more about Invoice Discounting, please contact our office. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can be contact via phone 1300 00 8332 or 1300 00 TDFC. You can also contact via email sales@tdfc.com.au or website www.tdfc.com.au

We look forward to your questions.

Finance your business idea with Factoring flexibility

Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Often the age old question ascertaining Cashflow, Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Most business owners are caught in a merry go round with Cashflow. Each month debtors take time to pay. Stock orders and purchasing are often waiting to the payments roll on in. Fast purchase, or bulk discounted purchasing is often missed due to the lack of funds.

Consequently other businesses have the constant call from creditors chasing their outstanding’s. Having to state that, you get paid when I get paid, is the common theme.

Business owner - Need cashflow fast?
Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Stress, frustration, and a lack of control with no cashflow?

So common in this economical world is the lack of cashflow in business. Most business owners face a month to month scenario, chasing their invoices to be paid. The constant pressure and stress to be able to pay your own bills.

Although we would like invoices to paid faster so this doesn’t happen, often its not possible. Owners are forced to take discounts or deductions form their invoices in order to paid faster. This is big business bulling small businesses.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has seen up to 10% off invoices in order to be paid in 30 days.

This has to be a joke. However as these business often take anywhere up to 90 days to pay their accounts the owners are forced to concede. Owners have credit applications in place. As well as placing terms within their invoices. Also knowing that these larger businesses just don’t care. Let them find other jobs if they want, was stated.

We at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will try and help you find a Factoring solution.

Our expert family owned and operated business has many years experience in Debtor finance and factoring. Ascertaining payment within 48 hours for completed, unpaid invoices could ease your dilemmas.

Making an inquiry will give you piece of mind whether this finance facility will suit your needs. Factoring is not for every business and Trade Debtor Finance Consultants explain thoroughly how it can be a benefit and a hindrance as well.

Owners have to be mindful of margins, contracts, and their business cycles when trying to ascertain a factoring facility. Therefore when being interviewed by our consultants, upfront and honest is the key. Explaining tax arrears, or credit misdemeanours is very important. Its not the end of a finance product. Factoring products rely heavily on your main asset to them, Invoices.

This is how Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can help you!

Place and inquiry into our office. A Trade Debtor Finance Consultant will contact you and discuss some details about factoring. Consequently our office will ascertain information ab0ut your business. For this information will detail a obligation free written quote with up to four options. Lenders will be introduced with a brief description of your firm. As a owner you can focus on the main issues at hand costing and contracts.

For more information you can contact our office 1300 00 8332 or  please go to our website www.tdfc.com.au or send an inquiry to sales@tdfc.com.au

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring - Free Quote
Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Firstly Trade Debtor Finance Consultants explain Factoring – Free Quote. Small business owners across Australia often place a majority of their own funds in their ventures. As a result in the first year of business. It’s not unusual for new ideas to diminish.

Most of the time business owners haven’t been trading long enough to ascertain a bank finance facility. Expensive short term lending is often considered as the only option going forward. Consequently Factoring also know as Debtor Finance or Invoice Discounting is not mentioned.

Why new millennials are making factoring more successful.

First of all technology has progressed quickly in the last 20 years. With technology comes access to information. Long gone are the days, people just guess. With search engines, owners can seek out solutions to their problems. Factoring is one of those lending solutions. New businesses can rely on promoting sales, invoicing clients. Most Factoring Lenders products will grow with your business. Debtor Finance is another term used with Factoring Invoices. In addition also provides businesses strong back end processes. For example verification of invoices, payment plans, and some collections. Therefore owners can focus again on sales and purchasing.

Why Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants to help with finding a Factoring Facility?

First of all this family owned business. Which has been operating around factoring lenders for over ten years. As a result our firm knows debtor financier products and pricing. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers an obligation free written quote with up to four of our best options. These options are selected out of a possible 28 Factoring lenders. Detailed in the Quote are the selected lenders with explanations.

In conclusion business owners only have to explain their situation. Provide information about their situation and receive a Debtor Finance Quote. Hence Business owners sit back and await lenders to discuss their facility options. Our future clients ask direct questions that relate to their needs. Factoring lenders already know the possible clients story and get straight to the things that matter. Pricing and products. Due to our service, Trade Debtor Finance has many referrals for clients.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultant today.

Hence the best way of contacting our firm is by phone 1300 00 8332. Our website www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au has a contact page for you deliver your inquiry. Another is send us an email to sales@tdfc.com.au

Trade Debtor Finance Factoring Consultants

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explaining Factoring To Small Business For 10 Years

Funding options for new business – factoring.

Funding options for new business – factoring.

Small businesses start with an idea. These ideas take time, planning and often lots of money outlaid. In most cases with in the first year cash flow is often consumed with increase in sales and equipment.

Funding options for new business - factoring.
Funding options for new business – factoring.

Reasons to look at Factoring.

There is no need for 2 years of financials. All you need to qualify is unpaid invoices to commercial debtors. Property security in most cases is not required. Invoices once verified can be advanced on within 24 hours. Cash flow is constant with your invoices.

How do I find a Factoring Facility.

Simply contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and receive a complete rundown about facilities and lenders. This one call will change your decision making process. TDFC consultants have settled over 300 businesses in our 10 year operation. This experience can be pasted to owners from different industries.

Obligation Free Quote in writing with up to four options.

In conclusion our consultants ask all clients to fill out a privacy act. Once we have that we ask for as much information as owners have. Therefore with this information and the owners ideas we complete a solution. Furthermore if clients don’t like the options chosen, they can ignore or ask for different ones.

As a result solutions are detailed to lenders and all parties are on the same page. Consultants advise lenders your goals. Hence lenders are on board with your business and needs. Consequently not only do we find the perfect facility, TDFC supports your decision for the life of the loan for free. Sometimes the first month there is a teething period. Standing by for any help or questions is TDFC.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants for a free Interview.

In conclusion please call our office 1300 00 8332 for more assistance with Factoring. Furthermore you can email our sales team – sales@tdfc.com.au 

For more information please go to our site www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au

Business owner – Need cashflow fast?

Why Invoice Factoring?

Why Invoice Factoring?

Increase Cash flow.

Firstly business owners have debtors that take time to pay their invoices. Often its 30 days or more. Factoring gives the opportunity to access to fund those unpaid invoices within 24 hours. Simple example 10 000,00 worth of invoices to be paid in 30 days. Once Factored, up to 8000.00 in your account within 24 hours to use wisely. Balance of invoices paid once debtor pays their accounts.

Why Invoice Factoring?
Why Invoice Factoring?
Growth Purchasing.

Now you have cash in the accounts. Take advantage by securing more stock at discounted rates. If you import, get those containers on order. More stock gives you the opportunity for discount sales and growing your client base.

Grow Sales with Marketing.

Having more stock and funds means you can increase marketing. Focusing on marketing will increase sales. More sales means more invoicing. Offering more invoices for factoring will give your business more access to cash flow.

Expand Staff, Improve Equipment.

Cash flow is now working. Sales are up. Stock is on hand. It maybe time to expand your staff. Having more staff gives more opportunities to grow your business and make the next step. Also owners can take opportunities to purchase upgrade equipment.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

In conclusion if all has gone well, your business is humming. Increased cash flow, sales, staff, and your business is making money. Now this all just doesn’t happen by chance. Finding the right factoring product is not easy.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers an obligation free quote in writing with up to 4 factoring options. TDFC has up to 28 lenders with 9 products to choose from. Our family owned business also offers complete support to our client for the life of the loan chosen at no cost.

1300 00 8332 to contact us. Sales@tdfc.com.au or www.tradedebtorfinance.com.au 

Factoring Small Business

Factoring Small Business

It is the most nerve racking situation. Ascertaining finance for your business, or factoring Small Business, is a scary proposition to most. Handing over your invoices to a lender in order to access cash flow.

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Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

First of all Factoring isn’t suited for all small businesses. Most owners use all their cash assets in the first 12 months of their start-up.

Due to the size and youth of most small businesses, bank products struggle to assist owners in growth. It is important to remember that bank products are much cheaper options. Most importantly banks need security to obtain these facilities.

Financing Your Small Business - Factoring Solutions
Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

how does Factoring work?

In order to ascertain a facility you need to have a business selling to commercial debtors. In most cases these debtors pay their invoices in terms. Another important note is all invoices have to be completed. Factoring Lenders take control of your debtors ledger. As a result they offer funding on those unpaid invoices of up to 80%. They reimburse the final 20% of the ledger once the debtor has paid the financier. Lenders have a range of products. Fees and chargers are determined by the amount of admin needed to run the facility. Another factor is the amount of time it takes for debtors to pay their invoices.

You would look to factor invoices in order to grow your business. Take advantage of cheap or bulk stock orders. Have monies available to bring on more staff. Flexibility can ignite imagination with your business goals.

Why would you use TDFC?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family owned business. Originally this business was a state of the art business. There was an industry need for owners to better understand factoring.

In conclusion at no direct cost to your firm, TDFC offers an obligation free written quote. One call is all it takes and consultants will explain lenders and products in detail. Finally presenting a quote with up to 4 of the best options available.

TDFC is supported by up to 28 lenders Australia wide. Factoring Lenders have different strengths and suit different clients. In order to find out more about Factoring please ring 1300 00 8332. Or you can email sales@tdfc.com.au


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has Real Rewards explaining Factoring


Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

The most experienced people in the construction industry will tell you that success is based on managing your money in order to provide quality work at high speeds. Even thriving construction businesses can hit rough financial patches when invoices aren’t paid on time. Knowing how to manage those problems is crucial, and having the right assistance will help your business grow.

Panoramic and perspective wide angle view to steel light blue background of glass high-rise building skyscraper, modern futuristic commercial city
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Does your business need cash flow injection?

Fund unpaid invoices and receive a cash flow injection.

Funding for unpaid invoices.

Most business owners need a cash flow injection to help secure more business growth. How do we get such finance, is the best question. If you have debtors that have accounts which are 14 days or more, then you can ascertain finance. Instead of waiting to the debtor pays his account, lenders will finance a part of the invoice allowing you access to funds within 48 hours.

Accountants and planners utilise all sorts of funding, secured by the owners. this is often the cheapest form of finance, but also the most secured. This is also very stressful as one lender has complete control of your business.

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Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Trust with Money Factoring
Building Trust with Money Factoring

Why is trust important in business and How do we build it?

Business owners paying bills on time. Their word is their bond.

Trust is built everyday by rock solid business’s practises. However it certainly can be lost faster than it was earned.

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