Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting has often been misinterpreted and misused. These finance products were never designed to send a business owner broke.

Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting has often been misinterpreted and misused. These finance products were never designed to send a business owner broke.  However, if misused as they have been in the last 20 years. Often the costs of these products has been taken off the profit line, eating away at any chance of the business succeeding. Clients have also been locked in for 12-24 months with the wrong product. Continue reading “Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.”

Grow your business with factoring

Reasons to grow your business with factoring.

Grow your business with factoring
Grow your business with factoring

Why would you want to pay more money to finance invoices. Most business owners need cash flow. Unfortunately as more and more sales go out the door. As a result more and more pressure is placed on  cash assets to purchase more stock.

Trade Debtor Finance will list some of the main reasons, businesses can use factoring.

  1. This product is used to take pressures of you cash at hand. Most business owners rely heavily in the first year of business fast payments in order to keep stock levels and sales revolving fast. Therefore by funding unpaid invoices you will have access to funds before payment. Having funds to purchase more stock gives your company the abilty to flood the market. The costs can be off setted by paying cash or discount purchasing. Plus the fact your sales will increase and income generated in growth.                                         ____________________________________________
  2. Star up business or sole traders often are owned by families. As these businesses grow, often funds are directed towards sales. The strain on paperwork, admin, is often an extra job. You can if you can afford it hire a person to help out! Hence Factoring companies has advantages by helping your companies back end. They verify invoices, make collection plans and provide paper trails. Also lenders provide you with cash flow, which could give you funds to hire more staff.                                                                                          ____________________________________________
  3. Funding with factoring can turn around your business. Owners can purchase a business, and use its unpaid invoices to fund its operations. While you use your monies for improvements. Funding invoices can give you the ability purchase more staff, vehicles, and better equipment. This products expenses is claimed on Tax.                                                                                  ____________________________________________

This is why you Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

Our family owned and operated business helps businesses Australia wide. Consultants take the time to time to explain all products and lenders in great detail. Best of all TDFC places this in an obligation free written quote. This quote will have up to four options to choose from. Don’t guess, make that one call. 1300 00 8332 or email 

Funding options for new business – factoring.


Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

First of all Factoring isn’t suited for all small businesses. Most owners use all their cash assets in the first 12 months of their start-up.

Due to the size and youth of most small businesses, bank products struggle to assist owners in growth. It is important to remember that bank products are much cheaper options. Most importantly banks need security to obtain these facilities.

Financing Your Small Business - Factoring Solutions
Financing Your Small Business – Factoring Solutions

how does Factoring work?

In order to ascertain a facility you need to have a business selling to commercial debtors. In most cases these debtors pay their invoices in terms. Another important note is all invoices have to be completed. Factoring Lenders take control of your debtors ledger. As a result they offer funding on those unpaid invoices of up to 80%. They reimburse the final 20% of the ledger once the debtor has paid the financier. Lenders have a range of products. Fees and chargers are determined by the amount of admin needed to run the facility. Another factor is the amount of time it takes for debtors to pay their invoices.

You would look to factor invoices in order to grow your business. Take advantage of cheap or bulk stock orders. Have monies available to bring on more staff. Flexibility can ignite imagination with your business goals.

Why would you use TDFC?

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family owned business. Originally this business was a state of the art business. There was an industry need for owners to better understand factoring.

In conclusion at no direct cost to your firm, TDFC offers an obligation free written quote. One call is all it takes and consultants will explain lenders and products in detail. Finally presenting a quote with up to 4 of the best options available.

TDFC is supported by up to 28 lenders Australia wide. Factoring Lenders have different strengths and suit different clients. In order to find out more about Factoring please ring 1300 00 8332. Or you can email 

Which Debtor Finance Lender Suits Your Business

Often business’s are unhappy with their existing lender for one reason to another. Collections, lack of service, too hard to understand, Client manager keeps changing, or they simply don’t move as your firm changes direction or grows.

Which Debtor Finance Lender Suits Your Business

Often businesses are which lender will suit their needs. TDFC explains products and operations to each client inquiry. Most of all the fees involved with each lender.

I would like a dollar for every client who has a facility or been involved in a facility stresses their disappointment. Debtor Finance lenders offer a range of products. Often the one offered, isn’t helpful nor what you asked for. It may have not always been the best one that suits you.

Debtor finance lenders have bills to pay also, so they will try and get you what you want, but in the end, they also will have costing and securities that suit their needs.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers all this information at no direct cost to your firm, as well as support for the life of the loan, again at no cost. It is our goal to change the stigma around this finance product.

Which Debtor Finance Lender Suits Your Business
Which Debtor Finance Lender Suits Your Business

Yes it is more expensive than traditional lending, but it is the least secured, it grows with your firm, also giving your backend procedures strength. This is with work completed, and the collections of invoices. Most lenders have file notes, as well as your own firm. So with this in mind, it will help keep bad debts to a minimum.

TDFC explains Debtor Finance

If you’re in a product and you would like a fine tune, or perhaps it wasn’t explained to your firm fully. Please give us a call, we would be glad to try and assist where we can.

For more information, please email our staff

Let our Debtor Finance Consultants help you with a choice of lenders.

1300 00 8332 specialists in Factoring facilities.

28 lenders Invoice Discounting / Factoring call TDFC today

Guide using Debtor Finance in Australia

Guide using Debtor Finance by Trade Debtor Finance Consultants
Guide using Debtor Finance by Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

What is Debtor Finance, Full Service Factoring, or Invoice Discounting?

These facilities are when a business sells all or part of their debtors’ ledger (Unpaid Invoices) to a financier. Owners raise working capital (Cash) for expenses, wages or fuel.

How does debtor-finance / factoring work?

As a result of business delivering its goods/services to its customers, the invoices (trade debts) raised can be sold to a factoring financier.

Most Factoring Financiers can advance up to 80% of the unpaid invoices value. This occurs within 24-48 hours of verification. Therefore the remaining 20% is advanced after the invoice is paid from the client to the lender. Business owners are returned the final 20% less a small fee of about 1-3%.

So the business simply forwards copies of the invoices to the Factoring financier. Once verification of invoices is complete funds are advanced.

The businesses can retain control over accounting functions and collections. They may also opt for the Factoring financier to control this function. In our experience, its wise for your firm to retain the account functions.

What are the benefits of debtor-finance / factoring to a small business?

Trade Debtor Finance offers the business flexibility, as the following benefits illustrate:

Consequently funds are readily available. Credit sales are converted into cash normally within 48 hours.

With cash in the bank, the client can negotiate better trading terms with suppliers. They can also ascertain an early settlement, discounts and the ability to buy in bulk.

Eliminate the need to offer settlement discounts to customers. Invoice-Discounting fees are usually cheaper than settlement discounts. With Invoice-Finance clients knows with certainty when they  will receive cash.

What are the costs?

Hence different Factoring lenders charge different fees. Lenders base this upon setup structure, size and risk. The average cost of debtor-finance is 3% per month. This will vary depending on your debtors payment terms. The longer it takes for debtors to pay, as a result, the higher the cost.

Why Choose the Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

Cost: Our firm has no direct upfront fee for our consultation.
Confidential: TDFC will not sell your information to a third party.
Choice: Our family owned business has access to over 28 trustworthy debtor-finance lenders.
Experienced: TDFC consultants have expert experience in debtor-finance and know what lenders to recommend for your business needs
Trust: Our policies dictate that you with be given no nonsense answers and will explain all costs
Successful: TDFC can give you recent successful client referrals.

Find a facility for your business in your industry


Read through Trade Debtor Finance Consultants PRIVACY ACT

I hope our guide using debtor finance was helpful.

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Does your business need cash flow injection?

Fund unpaid invoices and receive a cash flow injection.

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Accountants and planners utilise all sorts of funding, secured by the owners. this is often the cheapest form of finance, but also the most secured. This is also very stressful as one lender has complete control of your business.

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Your business solution to poor cashflow

Your business solution just needs cashflow? Factoring is Key
Your business solution just needs cashflow? Factoring is Key

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words

For years now TDFC has been helping people on their journey in their business. On the journey people can come across troubles that they may not know there is a solution for. Your debtors taking months to pay, chasing unpaid invoices or cash going out faster then it is coming in can be stressful. Problems can cause you to move slower and leave you feeling like your not where you want to be.

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Christmas Fast Approaching. Get cashflow in order.

Cash flow with Debtor Finance.

Christmas is a busy time for most businesses. Business owners however, still have wages to pay, debtors to maintain, and often the business world shuts for a week or so.
Improve your business Cashflow with Factoring. Get monies advanced on those invoices upfront.  Therefore this will help you cover those fuel bills, those wages, and basically get over the period. This Cashflow with get your funds moving for you.

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