Most flexible finance product in business – factoring finance

Most flexible finance product in business - factoring
Most flexible finance product in business – factoring

Most flexible finance product in business – factoring

New and growing businesses in most cases struggle with maintaining cash flow. Lack of cash flow enhances pressure constantly effects the purchases and distribution of clients products and services.

Unless owners are cash rich or have a large asset to finance, then banking products are very limited. Of course there are other lenders with short term lending which comes with a price tag. So what can you do.

What product do I qualify for?

  1. Do you have a commercial business?
  2. Do you have commercial debtors?
  3. Will you benefit from financing those outstanding Invoices?

Factoring Finance would be a straight forward product. Owners would provide outstanding completed invoices for funding. These invoices would be verified and most lenders would provide up to 80% funding to the business for much need finance. Once the debtor pays the full invoice amount to the lender, the final 20% less fees are forward to the owner.

Things you must consider is who many debtors do you have? How long does it take for your debtors to pay those invoices? Will you debtors be happy about a third party being involved in the payment process? Finally once you are on top of your situation, how will you use this facility to grow or better your firm?

Find out more about Factoring Lender and products?

In one simple call you speak to Trade Debtor Finance Consultants and they will explain the process for free. Consultants will take time to discuss the lenders and products. Ensure that your aware of all the processes of a finance product.

Lastly from the information you provide, will give you in writing, up to four of the best factoring finance lenders that suit your needs. Standing behind that quote will support your firm through the process when you proceed forward.

Trade Debtor Finance – or email

1300 00 8332  in one call can change it all.


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring - Free Quote
Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explain Factoring – Free Quote

Firstly Trade Debtor Finance Consultants explain Factoring – Free Quote. Small business owners across Australia often place a majority of their own funds in their ventures. As a result in the first year of business. It’s not unusual for new ideas to diminish.

Most of the time business owners haven’t been trading long enough to ascertain a bank finance facility. Expensive short term lending is often considered as the only option going forward. Consequently Factoring also know as Debtor Finance or Invoice Discounting is not mentioned.

Why new millennials are making factoring more successful.

First of all technology has progressed quickly in the last 20 years. With technology comes access to information. Long gone are the days, people just guess. With search engines, owners can seek out solutions to their problems. Factoring is one of those lending solutions. New businesses can rely on promoting sales, invoicing clients. Most Factoring Lenders products will grow with your business. Debtor Finance is another term used with Factoring Invoices. In addition also provides businesses strong back end processes. For example verification of invoices, payment plans, and some collections. Therefore owners can focus again on sales and purchasing.

Why Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants to help with finding a Factoring Facility?

First of all this family owned business. Which has been operating around factoring lenders for over ten years. As a result our firm knows debtor financier products and pricing. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants offers an obligation free written quote with up to four of our best options. These options are selected out of a possible 28 Factoring lenders. Detailed in the Quote are the selected lenders with explanations.

In conclusion business owners only have to explain their situation. Provide information about their situation and receive a Debtor Finance Quote. Hence Business owners sit back and await lenders to discuss their facility options. Our future clients ask direct questions that relate to their needs. Factoring lenders already know the possible clients story and get straight to the things that matter. Pricing and products. Due to our service, Trade Debtor Finance has many referrals for clients.

Contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultant today.

Hence the best way of contacting our firm is by phone 1300 00 8332. Our website has a contact page for you deliver your inquiry. Another is send us an email to

Trade Debtor Finance Factoring Consultants

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Explaining Factoring To Small Business For 10 Years

Guide using Debtor Finance in Australia

Guide using Debtor Finance in Australia
Guide using Debtor Finance in Australia

What is Debtor Finance, Full Service Factoring, or Invoice Discounting?

These facilities are when a business sells all or part of their debtors’ ledger (Unpaid Invoices) to a financier. Owners raise working capital (Cash) for expenses, wages or fuel.

How does debtor-finance / factoring work?

As a result of business delivering its goods/services to its customers, the invoices (trade debts) raised can be sold to a factoring financier.

Most Factoring Financiers can advance up to 80% of the unpaid invoices value. This occurs within 24-48 hours of verification. Therefore the remaining 20% is advanced after the invoice is paid from the client to the lender. Business owners are returned the final 20% less a small fee of about 1-3%.

So the business simply forwards copies of the invoices to the Factoring financier. Once verification of invoices is complete funds are advanced.

The businesses can retain control over accounting functions and collections. They may also opt for the Factoring financier to control this function. In our experience, its wise for your firm to retain the account functions.

What are the benefits of debtor-finance / factoring to a small business?

Trade Debtor Finance offers the business flexibility, as the following benefits illustrate:

Consequently funds are readily available. Credit sales are converted into cash normally within 48 hours.

With cash in the bank, the client can negotiate better trading terms with suppliers. They can also ascertain an early settlement, discounts and the ability to buy in bulk.

Eliminate the need to offer settlement discounts to customers. Invoice-Discounting fees are usually cheaper than settlement discounts. With Invoice-Finance clients knows with certainty when they  will receive cash.

What are the costs?

Hence different Factoring lenders charge different fees. Lenders base this upon setup structure, size and risk. The average cost of debtor-finance is 3% per month. This will vary depending on your debtors payment terms. The longer it takes for debtors to pay, as a result, the higher the cost.

Why Choose the Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

Cost: Our firm has no direct upfront fee for our consultation.
Confidential: TDFC will not sell your information to a third party.
Choice: Our family owned business has access to over 28 trustworthy debtor-finance lenders.
Experienced: TDFC consultants have expert experience in debtor-finance and know what lenders to recommend for your business needs
Trust: Our policies dictate that you with be given no nonsense answers and will explain all costs
Successful: TDFC can give you recent successful client referrals.

Find a facility for your business in your industry


Read through Trade Debtor Finance Consultants PRIVACY ACT

I hope our guide using debtor finance was helpful.

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How to Grow your business – Use Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance Australia Can Help New Businesses

Debtor Finance Australia

Debtor Finance Australia
Debtor Finance Australia

Debt is a common issue for new businesses, usually incurred by start-ups in the early stages of their growth, and it can become a problem if you’re not familiar with debt management options. We’re taking a closer look at how debtor finance can help new businesses.

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Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting has often been misinterpreted and misused. These finance products were never designed to send a business owner broke.

Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly.

Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting has often been misinterpreted and misused. These finance products were never designed to send a business owner broke.  However, often misused, as they have been in the last 20 years. Often the costs of these products has been taken off the profit line, eating away at any chance of the business succeeding. Clients have also been locked in for 12-24 months with the wrong product. Times have changed. Our consultants take time to ensure the client and their accountant know exactly how it all works. Continue reading “Most Accountants support Factoring when used correctly”

Grow your business with factoring

Reasons to grow your business with factoring.

Grow your business with factoring
Grow your business with factoring

Why would you want to pay more money to finance invoices. Most business owners need cash flow. Unfortunately as more and more sales go out the door. As a result more and more pressure is placed on  cash assets to purchase more stock.

Trade Debtor Finance will list some of the main reasons, businesses can use factoring.

  1. This product is used to take pressures of you cash at hand. Most business owners rely heavily in the first year of business fast payments in order to keep stock levels and sales revolving fast. Therefore by funding unpaid invoices you will have access to funds before payment. Having funds to purchase more stock gives your company the abilty to flood the market. The costs can be off setted by paying cash or discount purchasing. Plus the fact your sales will increase and income generated in growth.                                         ____________________________________________
  2. Star up business or sole traders often are owned by families. As these businesses grow, often funds are directed towards sales. The strain on paperwork, admin, is often an extra job. You can if you can afford it hire a person to help out! Hence Factoring companies has advantages by helping your companies back end. They verify invoices, make collection plans and provide paper trails. Also lenders provide you with cash flow, which could give you funds to hire more staff.                                                                                          ____________________________________________
  3. Funding with factoring can turn around your business. Owners can purchase a business, and use its unpaid invoices to fund its operations. While you use your monies for improvements. Funding invoices can give you the ability purchase more staff, vehicles, and better equipment. This products expenses is claimed on Tax.                                                                                  ____________________________________________

This is why you Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

Our family owned and operated business helps businesses Australia wide. Consultants take the time to time to explain all products and lenders in great detail. Best of all TDFC places this in an obligation free written quote. This quote will have up to four options to choose from. Don’t guess, make that one call. 1300 00 8332 or email 

Funding options for new business – factoring.


Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

Partnering Debtor Finance with the Construction Sector

The most experienced people in the construction industry will tell you that success is based on managing your money in order to provide quality work at high speeds. Even thriving construction businesses can hit rough financial patches when invoices aren’t paid on time. Knowing how to manage those problems is crucial, and having the right assistance will help your business grow.

Panoramic and perspective wide angle view to steel light blue background of glass high-rise building skyscraper, modern futuristic commercial city
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Factoring Invoices Made Real Easy By TDFC – Fully Explained At No Direct Cost To Your Firm.

Factoring Invoices

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd (TDFC) has been providing expert help with Factoring and Invoice Discounting products for the last 10 years. TDFC  has settled over 300 factoring deals in that time. Consultants have seen almost every industry and type of business there is. Also in that time, we have established connections with the very best lenders in the country.

With one call a consultant will help you understand the factoring product. Therefore help you understand the pricing and products. Consultants explain the dos and don’ts and help you make a plan going forward into the future.

Use Debtor Finance to improve cash flow

Factoring is a lethal product if used the wrong way and can single handed ruin a business. However, if used correctly and a steady plan is made, then this product can help your business grow with minimal security offered.

TDFC want you to better understand the products, the lenders, and the pricing. We stand behind this by offering it in writing to your firm with recommendations and why we chose those lenders.

Factoring Invoices Made Real Easy By TDFC - Fully Explained At No Direct Cost To Your Firm.
Factoring Invoices Made Real Easy By TDFC – Fully Explained At No Direct Cost To Your Firm.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will help you in one call.

TDFC is family owned business which started in 2007. Once we have all the information required, we offer a quote. This quote is obligation free, written and provides up to four factoring options that suit your business needs. Lenders cut to the chase an offer the best pricing for your needs. TDFC consultants stand by their choice and offer support for the life of the loan at no charge.

For more information you can go to your website, or contact us today by 1300 00 8332. You can also email your inquiry



Why is debtor finance a good move in the agricultural sector?

Calculator showing the word Finance on background of printed spreadsheet figures. The classic story in the agricultural sector is a tale of how much money is available at any time.  Funds are necessary for equipment, stock, crops and much more, so one bad year (or several) can do irreparable damage to cash flow. Anyone who works on the land will tell you to keep debt under strict control at all times. All it takes is one unforeseen expense and you can find yourself with a lack of cash and bills piling up.


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Does your business need cash flow injection?

Fund unpaid invoices and receive a cash flow injection.

Funding for unpaid invoices.

Most business owners need a cash flow injection to help secure more business growth. How do we get such finance, is the best question. If you have debtors that have accounts which are 14 days or more, then you can ascertain finance. Instead of waiting to the debtor pays his account, lenders will finance a part of the invoice allowing you access to funds within 48 hours.

Accountants and planners utilise all sorts of funding, secured by the owners. this is often the cheapest form of finance, but also the most secured. This is also very stressful as one lender has complete control of your business.

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