Frustrated by your current factoring facility?

Don’t despair, it can be fixed.

Maybe it wasn’t explained properly and the salesman that sold it to you, forgot to mention some key issues. Either the way, you need to start going forward again. So what do you do?

Frustrated with your Factoring Facility

Are you currently in a factoring facility, however its frustrating for both you and your firm. The thing is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Often the wrong factoring facility causes stress. It stops you working on your business and gets you working back in it, trying to fix up issues.

Don’t despair, it can be fixed.

Maybe it wasn’t explained properly and the salesman that sold it to you, forgot to mention some key issues. Either way, you need to start going forward again. So what do you do?

Do you continue on struggling, being frustrated until your term runs out? Or you pay a break free and leave? That’s not why, you took up Invoice Funding.

Frustrated with your Factoring Facility
Frustrated with your Factoring Facility

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is willing to help.

Give us a call, we can offer you some advice, help your business understand why the lender is doing what they’re doing. Help your business try and sort out the issues. Maybe even move you to a more capable facility suited to your business.

Best of all we offer this for no cost to your firm. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants wants to help businesses in Factoring. We as a firm have been supported tremendously by the Australian Business, so we want to give some of our time back to help those in need.

Let our consultants go through the issues with you.

One call, privacy act signed, all remains confidential, and we will try and sort the issues. Often Bank products, don’t have the flexibility for most firms. Yes they are cheap, but often they don’t move with the business’s growth. Simple exposure issues, outside terms, etc. are enough to cause a facility to go wrong. Is this You?

If you’re an Australian business, that has a factoring product, and would like some help better understand that product, or help with trying to make it work better, then give our office a call. In conclusion we want to help your firm to get the best out of the product. For more information, call 1300 00 8332 or email

Cash Flow Problems, Explore Factoring

Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business. Ensuring that brand new businesses survive after 12 months is the ultimate challenge. Often the struggle begins when cash assets begin to dry up as your idea grows. For the first two years business owners need to establish financials in order to ascertain banking products. The only exception is if there are bricks and mortar assets supplied by the owners. Using these assets involves using your personal assets to keep your business operating.

Why use your families assets to ascertain cashflow?

Once you involve your families assets, the stress you need to ensure the business is successful can be over whelming. Most finance products need security of sort. In most cases the less you pay, the more security is required to ascertain the product.

This is why you choose Factoring or Debtor Finance earlier.

Often in new business start ups, there is less than 10 employees operating the business. Focus is often on purchasing and sales. Faster the turn around, the more profits are made. Business owners mark success by profit in most cases. Size and quantity of sales is often the markers for owners to gauge success. Some owners jump on this opportunity and hire more staff to complete the rise in demand. Often in the need for more sales and or clients, terms of clients starts to push out. 14 days, moves to 30. 30 days becomes 60 or more. Business owners cashflow starts to dry up. Debtors ledgers grow, and sales have to slow down as stocks diminish. Newly appointed staff start to be less effective as work comes to a stand still. Then when client pay the new sales are raced out, for the cycle to begin again.

Factoring - Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.
Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

How can you fix this?

Credit limits, strict terms adhered too, and collection procedures are a firm start. However in today market, most new owners don’t fully understand the fundamentals of working smarter. For example if your product is purchased and sold to a client. Your margins are dictated when the client pays for their goods. Often its worked by a 30 day payment.

If the client extends terms then owners cost go up rapidly. This is a brief explanation how. Staff have to make extra calls. Send letters and document their progress. Owners have to either put future sales on hold, or space them out to ensure products are still moving. Finally borrow monies to improve their cash flow while waiting for the debtor to pay. Either way if a client takes 60 days or longer to pay for goods, then your offering the product as cost or at a loss. This is not always the case in every business, but a common fault in most.

Factoring – Debtor Finance – Invoice Discounting.

You will notice I didn’t just jump in and state look at these products as they will be you shinning light. Its because often these products are expected to save the failings of a new business. In my experience opinion this is not always going to happen.

Factoring of your clients, is basically putting all your outstanding and future invoices into a finance company for funding. These factoring companies will verify the work is completed and offer a percentage of those invoices to your firm for your cashflow. When you debtors pay. Your debt is cleared off with balances given back to your firm less fees. its an overdraft on your invoices, secured by your clients. Seems simple, well its not. It can be complicated and expensive if not used correctly. Its why our family owned business has been so successful placing clients.

Factoring - Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.
Factoring – Debtor Finance the ultimate finance for new business.

Why to use Trade Debtor Finance Consultants?

These products have been used in a wide way of uses. Some lenders will let you offer up most of your ledger. For example imagine if you only fund you slower paying debtors. Or you can just fund a larger lender only. These products were designed to help your business, not send you broke. Fees and charges often are determined by the length of time the debtors take to pay and the amount of invoice you have.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are a family owned business in Queensland offering an obligation free, written quote to your firm at no direct cost. Our firm has Debtor Finance lenders Australia wide and liaises with their staff to ensure your business ascertains the best advices. Consultants will assist in helping arrange, setup, and ensure if required assistance for the life of the loan. Again this is our promise to new business.

If you would like to know more about Invoice Discounting, please contact our office. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants can be contact via phone 1300 00 8332 or 1300 00 TDFC. You can also contact via email or website

We look forward to your questions.

Finance your business idea with Factoring flexibility

Cashflow Finance supported – Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

Cashflow Finance supported – Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

Cashflow Finance supported - Trade Debtor Finance Consultants
Cashflow Finance supported – Trade Debtor Finance Consultants

What is cash flow finance?

Cashflow Finance supported – Trade Debtor Finance Consultants. Cash flow finance, also known as Debtor Finance.  It is a flexible  funding option helping manufacturers, wholesalers and business services. As a result it  improves cash flow by releasing up to 80% of the cash locked up in outstanding invoices within 48 hours.

For example owners invoice today for completed transactions. Submit that invoice to a factoring lenders and once verified can draw up to 80% of the value immediately. When the debtor pays for their invoice the final 20% less fees will be released to your bank account.

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting, Cashflow Finance are basically the same product.

As stated there is many names for these facilities. Funding of invoices has been used for hundreds of years. Unfortunately not always used in the best ways. Never the less if these products are used correctly can be the most rewarding finance product in Finance. If you ask your accountant today about these products, you will acknowledge if it suits your business.

Debtor Finance companies use debtor invoices to fund. As this is the most cost effective way. Hence rather than other Finance businesses  lending against other assets such as stock, plant and equipment and property.

As a result debtor finance services can help you take full control of your cash flow and move forward again.

Six Reasons why Cashflow Finance Lenders.

  • Improve cash flow Fund sales growth
  • Release the family home from the business
  • Funding limits automatically grow in line with sales
  • Increase margins by gaining early settlement discounts
  • Protect the bottom line by reducing early settlement discounts
  • Increase business by extending terms with confidence

This is Why you call Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd  who has over 28 factoring lenders and products to choose from. Our firm Trade Debtor Finance Consultants stands by service and gives you no nonsense answers in regards to each Invoice Discounting product.

Therefore Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will give you answers the lenders forget to mention. In conclusion Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will help you setup and monitor the factoring facility. Rather than have trouble, Trade Debtor Finance Consultants will help you to avoid any teething periods. There is also a Trade Finance option as well. For more information please contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants today! or 1300 00 8332

Most flexible finance product in business – factoring finance

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has Real Rewards explaining Factoring

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has Real Rewards explaining Factoring


Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has Real Rewards explaining Factoring is often stated. Trying to increase your stock levels, pay creditors on time, obtain supplier discounts and accelerate business growth?

Continue reading “Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has Real Rewards explaining Factoring”

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.

Best family owned Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting consultants in Australia.

Why Debtor Finance works.

Accountants, brokers, business coaches are never sure if a debtor finance product will work or not for your business. As a result they state it’s too expensive. Others say it’s simple, put your invoices in and get paid up to 80% of their value with 48 hours. The final 20% less fees is paid when your debtor pays for the invoice. there are two alternatives to poor cash flow. One is going broke waiting for debtors to pay. 2nd is demand for faster payment, hoping you don’t loose the contracts.

Important questions for businesses.

1. Will factoring finance facilities really send your firm broke?

2. Are factoring products too expensive, or can you really afford it?

3. Will it help your business grow with minimal security?

4. Is there more than one recommended factoring lender out there for you to choose from?

Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.
Factoring, Debtor Finance, Invoice Discounting Consultants in Australia.

People who don’t know about this products should say nothing and leave it to the experts.

Therefore with over 10 years’ experience, and started up our own business with nothing, giving advice about these products only, we should know.

There are over 26 recommended lenders Australia wide with a wide range of facilities and products. Our job is to understand most of them and let clients know, their positives and negatives in one call.

Pricing is determined on the lender itself. Larger lenders have greater borrowing capacities, other than private smaller lenders. With this in mind facilities are different. Smaller lenders have much more to lose, and are very hands on in checking invoices etc.. This makes their facilities more expensive. Larger lenders have larger more sophisticated clients, and there is less admin involved, making facilities cheaper.

Consequently contracts and securities are determined by the size of the client and strength of the debtors.

In conclusion, why guess what is for you. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd has no direct upfront cost, and we offer our findings in a written quote. One call and you can have up to 4 options to choose from. These options will be the best solutions we put forward to suit your firm. There is no obligation, so google and interview others if you feel the need too.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants Pty Ltd are so confident of our introduction’s. Hence if you proceed with any of our lenders we will give you support for the life of the loan again at no charge to your firm. You can find us or email or contact our friendly staff 1300 00 8332.

In conclusion Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is a family owned business that strives to be the best in this field for you.

Which Debtor Finance Lender Suits Your Business

Invoice Discounting- Financial Services


Financing Your Small Business – Factoring

Financing Your Small Business – Factoring

Most business owners would ask? Hence why would you choose Factoring to finance your business. Banks offer over drafts, line of credits, even short term lending at a reasonable prices. Therefore opting to use the main banks. Would mean you will have to wait weeks for these products to be processed. Also banks take control of accounts and assets. Yes you will receive a reasonable price, but at what cost.

Financing Your Small Business - Factoring
Financing Your Small Business – Factoring

Added Bonuses for using a Factoring Lender.

Factoring lenders are only interested in three main questions. Do you have a business? How many debtors to you have? How many invoices do you have outstanding? In most cases there is no need to offer any property assets to obtain a facility. Facilities are set up in less than 14 days.

Financing unpaid invoices will give you instant cash flow instead of waiting 30-60-90 days for payment. Factoring lenders offer some collections, debtor background searches, and verification of invoices. These and a lot more bonuses for using these lenders. Often costing is a major concern for business owners. Therefore it is important to understand that most finance products are priced against risk and administration involved.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants take the worry out of finding a product.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants began in 2007 to cover an industry need to help owners better understand factoring lenders and products. As a result our small family owned business has been assisting businesses find facilities for over 10 years.

Firstly in just one call our consultants will listen, develop a strategy, and provide your firm with a range of options. Understanding over 28 lenders throughout Australia, gives our firm extensive knowledge about factoring. Factoring procedures needs to be explained so owners understand all processes.

Consequently pricing is the main issue for most small business owners. Explanation of your circumstances is so vital. this could be the difference in a costly facility or not. In conclusion offsetting these cost is essential throughout this facility.

Don’t guess just call us today for a free quote.

Our consultants will take time to understand your needs. Remembering that if the product doesn’t suit your needs, we wont proceed. Factoring facilities can be a complex exercise. Businesses are all different and so are lenders. In conclusion you can contact Trade Debtor Finance Consultants by 1300 00 8332.

Email: or

Factoring Small Business

Grow your business with factoring

Reasons to grow your business with factoring.

Grow your business with factoring
Grow your business with factoring

Why would you want to pay more money to finance invoices. Most business owners need cash flow. Unfortunately as more and more sales go out the door. As a result more and more pressure is placed on  cash assets to purchase more stock.

Trade Debtor Finance will list some of the main reasons, businesses can use factoring.

  1. This product is used to take pressures of you cash at hand. Most business owners rely heavily in the first year of business fast payments in order to keep stock levels and sales revolving fast. Therefore by funding unpaid invoices you will have access to funds before payment. Having funds to purchase more stock gives your company the abilty to flood the market. The costs can be off setted by paying cash or discount purchasing. Plus the fact your sales will increase and income generated in growth.                                         ____________________________________________
  2. Star up business or sole traders often are owned by families. As these businesses grow, often funds are directed towards sales. The strain on paperwork, admin, is often an extra job. You can if you can afford it hire a person to help out! Hence Factoring companies has advantages by helping your companies back end. They verify invoices, make collection plans and provide paper trails. Also lenders provide you with cash flow, which could give you funds to hire more staff.                                                                                          ____________________________________________
  3. Funding with factoring can turn around your business. Owners can purchase a business, and use its unpaid invoices to fund its operations. While you use your monies for improvements. Funding invoices can give you the ability purchase more staff, vehicles, and better equipment. This products expenses is claimed on Tax.                                                                                  ____________________________________________

This is why you Choose Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

Our family owned and operated business helps businesses Australia wide. Consultants take the time to time to explain all products and lenders in great detail. Best of all TDFC places this in an obligation free written quote. This quote will have up to four options to choose from. Don’t guess, make that one call. 1300 00 8332 or email 

Funding options for new business – factoring.


Business needs Cash flow. Factoring could be the Answer.

Have you always wondered how you can get your business cash flow to increase? In order to get more sales you spend more. Your expense account grows but your cash flow doesn’t.  So why not investigate Factoring to increase cash flow? Continue reading “Business needs Cash flow. Factoring could be the Answer.”

Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No

The simple answer is yes Factoring does effect your collections. However, most of them are hoping that they don’t pay on time, and they can make additional fees.

Factoring, does it help with collections

What Debtor Finance is all about.

Factoring, does it help with collections is a common question. Debtor Finance, Factoring, Invoice Discounting are not all the same product. So how can the collections on these facilities be the same.

The simple answer is “yes”, Factoring does effect your collections. As a result having a as a third party can make debtors pay more regularly. This is most effective if you as the client have explained the process to them. Most Noteworthy is the longer your invoices take to be paid, the more its costing you.

Unlock the way to keeping fees down when Invoice Financing

Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No
Factoring, does it help with collections.. Yes or No

With nearly 45 factoring lenders in the industry, each has a different collection strategy. This will depend on your size, your exposure, and of course the type of facility you have. If you have a facility where there is a daily interest added to your fee, then it would be reasonable to assume, the level of collection would be lower than a firm with a set fee.

Will Banks Help you with collections.

Bank products often do no collections as they are a confidential product, allowing the client to maintain all those procedures as the bank has access to the trading account to monitor. Smaller lenders don’t have that luxury and whether its disclosed or not, the client has to maintain constant checks to ensure that their accounts are up to date and their not incurring added interest or late fees.

Disclosed lenders, often put out statements, and will verify a percentage of the invoices, this acts as deterrent in most cases for the slack paying clients. Also seeing a financial firm on the bottom of the invoice, often makes clients avoid any nasty stuff come pay day.

However, conflict will often start if the debtor goes beyond terms, and its a large piece of your ledger. Factoring firms, will put other invoices on hold. As a result assist in heavy collection calls to avoid there being a bad debt. So please stay on top of your accounts when factoring.

For more information in regards to the different facilities, please call our office on 1300 00 8332 or email:
Trade Debtor Finance supports up to 28 lenders in Australia and each facility is different. At no direct cost to your firm, we offer our recommendations in writing. Therefore TDFC support your firm for the life of the loan.

TDFC has Business Cashflow in Sights with Factoring.


Factoring – Free Quote & Consultation

Factoring- Free Quotes and Consultantion.

Factoring – Free Quote & Consultation

Factoring - Free Quote & Consultation
Factoring – Free Quote & Consultation


When businesses start Factoring, often its been given a reputation of disaster. Hence this product was given to businesses who were in diabolical trouble. As a result factoring is blamed for the collapse.

Invoice Discounting, Factoring or Debtor finance is the name given when financing invoices. It involves getting paid in 48 hours instead of waiting 30, 60, or 90 days. Continue reading “Factoring – Free Quote & Consultation”