Improve Cash Flow With A Line Of Credit On Business Invoices

Factoring used as a line of Credit funding invoices ahead of payment.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) have noticed a large increase in lenders providing a line of credit. As a result funding invoices that are not due of payment for 30 days or more.

Standard factoring offers up to 80% funding on invoices with the balance being paid when they get paid less any fees or charges. Line of credit facilities offer less of percentage, but a revolving line of credit on invoices each month. This is less messy and easier to accommodate. However, it is often more expensive as it’s more risky to the lenders.

If you have debtors that don’t like being contacted this is perfect. Therefore if you have a turnover of less than 1.5 million per annum, then it’s worth taking a look at.

Improve Cash Flow With A Line Of Credit On Business Invoices
Improve Cash Flow With A Line Of Credit On Business Invoices

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has an ever increasing number of lenders who offer this product. As stating when offering advices around these factoring facilities, TDFC would offer a combination of  factoring lenders so you the client get a choice to choose from. This is part of our no upfront, obligation free quoting in writing.

So if your business needs some added cashflow, may not be asset rich as the banks like, we at TDFC will offer you some great lenders and try and get the best price and facility to suit your business needs.


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This can all happen if you get it wrong, or take price before service and flexibility

How To Manage Your Cash Flow And Time In Business

Factoring Invoices

Often business owners have a great idea, and have some equity to get that idea started. Often 1-6 months into their reality they hit a brick wall.

Most common issues are:

1. Business Cash flow

2. Time. I believe if Business Cash flow is fixed then it will free up time. Most owners will agree that with cash, they can have flexibility. Owners can employ more staff, purchase more up to date equipment, and improve marketing.

How To Manage Your Cash Flow And Time In Business
How To Manage Your Cash Flow And Time In Business


Businesses often use up their number one asset first (their cash). This is before seeking help with the banks or other private lenders. This is a big mistake. Business owners can take advantage of factoring, or invoice discounting and keep their cash in the bank, should things go wrong. They can also take advantage of trade finance, Over drafts, Line of credit funding as well, thus keeping the cash they have as a back up.

Our Factoring Consultanting Business

We at Trade Debtor Finance Consultants are a family business, and for the price of a call can place you in the right direction, with a range of products, lenders, and brokers. We are not only here to help you with our products, but want to help owners with a range of different products to help your business grow to your expectations.

Obligation free quote in writing with up to four options.

Pass the word, as we cant compete against lenders marketing budgets. So from Transport to large business, word of mouth is our key. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants is at no direct cost to your business.

TDFC offers every inquiry an obligation free quote in writing. Four of the best lenders out of a possible 26 are chosen. Our consultants offer up to the four of the best options that suit your business.

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Factoring versus Overdraft

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Why would you waste Free consultancy about Factoring?

Factoring Consultation

Consultation explains both sides of the answer. Clients know their business. Consults know the products. Working together often finds the right answers.

Our consultants are not bias. This firm offers the best products and lenders to suit your needs.

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Businesses find cash flow solutions

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