Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Business Trust with Money Factoring

Building Trust with Money Factoring
Building Trust with Money Factoring

Why is trust important in business and How do we build it?

Business owners paying bills on time. Their word is their bond.

Trust is built everyday by rock solid business’s practises. However it certainly can be lost faster than it was earned.

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Businesses are saving more having flexibility with Factoring

You could be growing your business through increased cash flow and creating business flexibility with Factoring

In once call  business owners can ring TDFC consultants and discuss Factoring in great deal. Our family owned business takes time to listen to your needs. At no time do we force you to take out a facility.

With debtor finance or one of our other facilities you can turn those unpaid invoices into cash. Also your business will have more to put towards resources, marketing and development.

Businesses are saving more having flexibility with Factoring
Businesses are saving more having flexibility with Factoring

The main problem to lack of growth in business is poor cash flow and low customer satisfaction

Grow your business by

  1. Having a healthy cash flow to generate extra sales and growth
  2. Investing more in marketing and creating awareness of your business
  3. Spend more time planning your business strategy

Have greater customer satisfaction by Factoring

  1. Calling your customers to see how you could add value rather than chasing payments
  2. Hiring more new qualified experienced people or train existing staff
  3. Providing more similar services/products that make it efficient for customers to get everything in one place

TDFC has partnered with other local businesses also working to see growth and success. We are passionate about giving businesses the best chance at achieving goals and reaching their full potential. We do this through our support, advice and service to you. Call a consultant today and be another business that finds success.

Need to know more:

It is easy. Contact our office and have at the ready your business details and needs. Consultants will explore up to 26 lenders and products that will suit your needs. In completion TDFC will offer and obligation free written quote with up to four of the best options for your business. Lenders will contact your office and your firm will be ready to prepared to ask a range of questions. Should you want to go direct to a lender, here is a list of questions you can ask. please refer to our site.

Time, Energy or Cash lacking in your business? Try Factoring.

What would you do if you had more time, energy and cash? Try Factoring.

Business directors have called in asking about how they can improve in one of these three areas. A Factoring consultant can identify in which areas you are lacking and how Debtor Finance could be of use for you. Basically its not just about finding solution, but how can TDFC provide the best Factoring product.

So with more cash, what will you do? Buy more equipment, hire people, purchase vehicles, train current staff, increase the amount of business you can take on? There are many possibilities because cash could be your ticket to success. Success however comes when you know what to do with the cash once you have obtained it. At no cost to you or your business speak to a TDFC consultant about Invoice Discounting.

Time, Energy or Cash lacking in your business? Try Factoring.
Time, Energy or Cash lacking in your business? Try Factoring.

Businesses have invoices waiting to get paid and waiting 30, 60, 90 days can be stressful. Chasing payments or simply waiting can deprive businesses of resources it needs to keep operating. Imagine how you could instead of worrying about that side of business you could put your energy into doing the job you set out to do. Whatever your industry bookkeeping can be confusing and while you are doing that the business isn’t being as productive as you may want it to be. Your energy could be increased by simply letting someone else take care of your invoices. At no cost to you or your business speak to a TDFC consultant.

Find out how your business could grow when you don’t deprive your business of what it needs.

Finally time, time goes incredibly fast. Everyday are another set of jobs to get done and weeks can past before some jobs meaning to get done actually get done. There are people wanting to use your service and if you are so time poor that you are actually turning away business then there is hope for you. Competitors are happy to take your customers away because its too busy. Spending less time working the financials could free up enough time to get more of the work you want to do done. At no cost to you or your business speak to a TDFC consultant and find out more on how.

Trade Debtor Finance Consultants (TDFC) are your first easy step to a solution

Its time to have more time, enjoy running the business you created to enjoy freedom, and receive your hard earned money.

It is possible to grow your business today with consultants ready to discuss your needs. No matter the industry; transport, wholesale, retail, traffic control, manufacturing, earth moving etc. TDFC can discuss a Debtor Finance solution suited to your business.

2 ways to improve business cash flow with Debtor Finance

Improve Business Cash Flow with Debtor Finance.

Whether you are a new business or been operating for generations. Or a business with multiple locations or one local office. Or a small family business or a large business with many employees. Having a business income is important to maintaining your businesses life and competitiveness. These money solutions could save you time and stress.

The news today is that there are 3 ways to improve your businesses cash flow that doesn’t require exhausting work.

2 ways to improve business cash flow with Debtor Finance
2 ways to improve business cash flow with Debtor Finance

1. Improve your cash flow by turning your unpaid invoices into cash! 

You might not have noticed the full effect of waiting for your debtor/s to pay you. As a result you might however have noticed that it can drag the potential of your business down. Work doesn’t wait until the last debtor has paid. So until then you still are required to pay the bills, pay your staff and buy what is needed for each job to be done. With cash in your pocket you could see the potential flourish with increased marketing, better equipment, more staff or take on more business.

Just scrapping by isn’t the recipe to success and growth. Debtor finance could be your missing ingredient.


2. Calling one of our debtor finance consultants 

Now this will save you money because our consultants do all the hard work for you. You can spend your time working in your business doing what needs to be done. There is no long waiting periods because a consultant is ready for your call when you are. In one call we get to know you and your business and answer any questions you may have. You will understand what will happen and you get to decide if this is actually what you want. In conclusion we don’t lock you in from the moment you call. 1300 00 8332 or

“For everything we don’t like to do, there’s someone out there who’s really good, wants to do it and will enjoy it” Josh Kaufman

How to stand out from competition utilising Factoring

Want to get further ahead and not lose customers?

Sometimes owners start a business and let the customers flow in, unfortunately too many come. All of a sudden there are too many places you need to be and not enough time to get to them all. Sometimes we just don’t have the equipment or resources to do jobs that are required. Soon owners are forced to turn debtors away.

Debtor Finance, Factoring helps business owners grow.

TDFC consultants have had experienced in these type of stories. There is a way out. Our consultants believe you have come the right place. Poor cash flow for businesses who really want to grow makes if difficult. TDFC consultants can offer a very simple solution. TDFC has partnered with Factoring businesses and help them find there way to opening doors to opportunity.

Our experienced consultants found suitable factoring facilities that were affordable and would greatly benefit the business. Business owners were able to hire that extra help, serve more customers and pay their debts. These new opportunities came from finding a suitable debtor finance facility.

How do you stand out from competition utilising Factoring
How do you stand out from competition utilising Factoring

Therefore calling a consultant could help you in so many ways. Having access to your outstanding funds will place you ahead of your competition. Customers will not be waiting 14-30-60 days to be paid by your debtors. Cash flow is being wasted. Access this cash flow and turn those goals to a reality.

Become a big success story you always wanted to be.

With contacting TDFC you will receive upfront and honest explanations about factoring products, lenders, and chargers. Furthermore once your firm supplies our consultants all the necessary information, we will provide an obligation free written quote with up to four lenders of choice. These lenders will contact yourself and you can make a informed decision. For more information please call us today.

Choosing Trade Finance for your Business will help fund growth

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance is often not well known. It’s used for importing goods for resale and facilitating growth from foreign markets. As this product allows funding on purchases, there is no need for property security. Accessing funds utilising Trade Finance allows your firm to fund other areas of your business. In effect it can also allow your firm to purchase more stock allowing growth.  It is a cost-effective way to increase your cash flow.

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Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!

For over 10 years our family owned business has dealt with the explanation of Factoring, Debtor Finance, and Invoice Discounting. Trade Debtor Finance Consultants has had consultants help every form of business achieve knowledge about this product to see if its worth doing or not. As a business, our aim is to help owners understand the fundamentals0 of these Factoring products. Continue reading “Trade Debtor Finance does more than Factoring Consultancy!”